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Welcome to - registration marks & photos of Italian General Aviation - fixed-wing powered aircraft with motorgliders and amateur-built planes of 4,5 tons and below.


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*** AERODATA NEWS:     Find us on Facebook at group page on     On February 12th Tecnam P2002JS I-CTAC had a fatal crash in Carlentini village (Sicily)     New Registration in January 2020: Tecnam P2006T I-CTAF     Italian Register's last exports are: American General AG-5B I-SIBD and Cessna C170B I-RIBO     New Registrations in December 2019: Pilatus PC12/47E I-ARUM, Robin DR400-180R I-IMLA and Tecnam P2008JC I-OZZF     New Registrations in November 2019: Diamond DA20-C1 I-DADM, Cessna C172M floatplane I-GHNR and Maule MX7-180 I-TAIL     New Registration in October 2019: Diamond DA20-C1 I-DADL     On November 1st Reims/Cessna FA150L Aerobat I-FFSQ crashed near Santa Severa airstrip     No new Registrations in September 2019     Italian Register's last dismantling is Casa 1131E I-EEQQ     No new Registrations in August 2019     On August 13th Cessna C152 I-SANW crashed near Asiago Airport (LIDA), reporting heavy damages beyond repair     New Registration in July 2019: Fournier RF-3 I-RYMO     On July 5th Diamond DA20-A1 I-GVBU had a fatal crash in the lands of the municipality of Bardinato (Savona)     On June 20th, new Reg. Cessna TU206G I-HOMV crashed, landing at Valdera airstrip (Pisa)     On July 10th Cessna C172N I-DAFE had an emergency landing near Belgioioso village (Pavia), reporting damages     New Registrations in June 2019: Tecnam P2006T I-TFAD, Tecnam P2010 I-TFAE     On June 29 (to be confirmed) Stampe & Vertongen SV-4C I-MOSS crashed near Biella, reporting heavy damages     New Registrations in May 2019: Siai Marchetti SF260C I-ALYD, Tecnam P2008JCs I-CNTF & I-CNTN, Tecnam P2006T I-GDEL, Tecnam P2008JC I-OZZE, Reims/Cessna F150K I-SANH     On June 2nd Reims/Cessna FR172F I-ELVF crashed near Gualdo Cattaneo village (Perugia), reporting heavy damages and casualities on board     On June 2nd Robin DR400-180R I-ITBD had an emergency landing near Sassuolo airstrip (Modena), reporting heavy damages     New Registration in April 2019: Diamond DA42NG I-DAGC     New Registrations in March 2019: Piper PA34-200T I-CNTL and Tecnam P2006T I-WORK     On April 30th Zlin Z-50LA I-DRAW had a fatal crash at Alfina airstrip (Terni)     New Registration in February 2019: Cessna C402C I-GBFE     New Registrations in January 2019: Tecnam P2006T I-CABE, Magnaghi (I.I.I.) SA650TCNS I-MAEG and Tecnam P2008JC I-TFAC ***


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